The following section contains selected questions we received from various users and an answer to them. If you can't find what you are looking for, feel free to use the contact form at the very bottom of the page.

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Adding a new version of a document
Is the original document published by your organisation? - No - then this is not a new version. The original publisher may choose to retire the original. The version is a new document for your organisation. - Yes Is the original document in skmt? - No - enter as a new document recording version no. - Yes - search for existing document - select edit - update the document if it didn't have a version number - save update. This goes to part screen. Select create a new version - select if you want to keep original data or start fresh. - new version created ready for update. Old version marked as retired but still avaliable.
Document Details - Can't see the entire Document Short Title in the Search page?
The title is truncated to prevent issues with smaller screen resolutions. Full details are shown if you leave your cursor on top of the title for a second.
How to report a problem or suggestion
You are already on the right page. Go to the bottom of the page and enter your suggestion or problem.
Input to SKMT - Access a document to add or update it?
1: You have to be a registered user - if not go to the web site and register (note down your user name)
2: You need the permission of the organisation which publishes the document as only project leaders, working group chairs or secretaries should be able to modify content. Contact the secretary or chair of the relevant working group or committee who should send an email to any of the administrators of the SKMT which indicates: a) permission for the individual to update content of the organisation b) name, email address and user name of the person being given permission (so we know who is to be given access and can find your registration amongst the hundreds of people who have registered). Current administrator contact is
3: An SKMT administrator will update permissions and send a return email confirming that permissions have been updated.
Input to SKMT - Adding a standard not included.
The publisher of the standard must be a registered organisation in SKMT. To check if your organisation is registered press the search by documents link in the search menu on the left of the screen and go to the bottom of the screen opening the search feature. This defaults to a search by organisation and will give a drop down list of all organisations participating in the SKMT activity. If you're organisation is not there - see FAQ Input to SKMT - I can't find my organisation. If your organisation is there you need to have access to add/modify your organisations documents - see FAQ Input to SKMT - Access a document to add or update it.
Input to SKMT - Can't find my organisation
Either your organisation isn't a registered user of the SKMT, in which case contact the organisation. Members of the SKMT community would be happy to explain and assist those organisations seeking to join the community. Your organisation is to be created as a new organisation in the SKMT. Any nationally or internationally recognised organisation which produces health informatics, or related standards documents or products is welcome to join the community. Before documents from your organisation can be added the organisation and it's relevant structures need to be added to the system. Contact SKMT administrator ( providing the following details (** indicates required data): Organisation name in full**: Organisation short name** (often an abbreviation) The country** from which the organisation operates Website** A small pdf file (less than 20K) of either the flag of the country or the logo of the organisation which can be displayed next to your documents. A description of the organisation If the organisation wishes to be able to report by working group or committee responsible for a document or group of documents (to assist in management of documents, defintionis, terms and other content) also provide: Name of the committee or working group** Web site Description (often the full name and a short description of the activities of the group)
Lost password or user name
Lost password: At the bottom of the login panel on the left of the home screen is Lost Password? If you press this you will be asked to enter your email address (the address you used when you registered) and a new password will be emailed to you. Can't remember which email you used? send your full name to and we will look up your details and send them to you Can't remember your user name? Send your full name to and we will look up your details and send them to you.
Registration - Can't find my country when registering
If your country is not on the list you can add it in your profile, the list used at registration is standardised and may not include all alternative names or spellings. Select a country and when registered go to Edit Profile (at the bottom of the menu list on the left) and update in free text.
Reports - obtaining a list of documents produced by my group
Select REPORTS from the navigation menu on the left of the screen
Choose a report:    list all documents for selected filters
Enter the filters relevant    i.e. your committee details - you don't have to enter them all but you can.  The report produced will be dependent upon the person entering details having recorded the details (publishing organisation is mandatory, but other details are optional and might not have been entered)

Publishing Organisation:    select from drop down list
                                       e.g. International Organization for Standardisation
Responsible tech. comm:
​select from the drop down list - which will show any committees registered for SKMT from the publishing organisation.

Responsible working gorup:   select from drop down list - which will show any committees registered for SKMT from the technical committee.

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